5 Quick Ways To Ease Stress, Depression & Anxiety-Part(2)


4. Isolation is another problem experienced by stress, depression and anxiety sufferers.

OK, there will be times when you just want your own company. During such times, you can brood over and over again on problems and events and beat yourself up for hours on end.
Not good.

Instead, use isolation more positively. Occupy your mind by tackling a jigsaw puzzle, a logic problem, a crossword, read a book or perform a hobby such as painting, playing a musical instrument or whatever it is you have an interest in. In this way, isolation will help you to grow instead of causing you further pain.

5. Television, radio, and newspapers can all supply you with a daily hit of negativity and help lower your mood.

In the main, they concentrate on the negative side of life: crime, corruption, war, scandal and natural disasters and can give you a distorted view of reality. Not to mention the amount of image manipulation they subject you to. Give yourself a break from this negative drip feed and avoid them completely for one week.

You may find, like I have, that they have no place in your life after that. Trust me, you won’t miss them.

That’s five, quick tips for you to help fight stress, depression, and anxiety. Please give them a try, they’ll all help to boost your mood levels very quickly indeed.

Hope to useful:)