Cure Sinus Infection And Remove Mucus From The Nose With This Potato Treatment

Potatoes are a very good remedy for a sinus infection and people who suffer from sinuses. Also, they are very good for excess mucus from the nose. They remove the mucus. You can use the potatoes in different ways for the treatment of sinus infections.

The remedy for sinus infection:

Cooked not peeled potatoes have excellent ability to retain heat for a long time. Slow cooling occurs due to the structure of the potato and its size. In cases where there is a problem with sinuses or a leak secretion from the nose, hot potatoes are used for heating: they place them on any part of the body, and also the sinus gaps.

Removing mucus from the nose:

To remove the mucus from the nose, it is desirable that the local warming is combined with inhalation vapor over the boiled, uncleaned potato. A few hours after therapy, the inhalation of cold air should be excluded. The most optimal is heating the sinuses before going to bed.