Eight Reasons Why Every Human Being With a Conscience Should Boycott Monsanto-Bayer

It didn’t come without a battle, however endorsement for the Monsanto-Bayer merger has at last descended from U.S. antitrust controllers, which means the $60 billion “merger from hellfire” will continue.

Since the most up to date and greatest GMO, substance, and pharmaceutical monster has turned out to be obvious not too far off, it’s imperative to know exactly what we’re up against as we head into the May 19 March Against Monsanto.

In light of that, it’s critical to know exactly why this merger is awful news for anyone who thinks about characteristic and natural nourishment, and the soundness of individuals and the planet all in all.

Here are the eight most compelling motivations why it’s more vital than any time in recent memory to blacklist Monsanto and Bayer:

1. Control of Food and Seeds-

As indicated by different reports, Bayer’s acquistion of the Monsanto Company will make a GMO and pesticides monster set to control a stunning level of our seed supply — in excess of 25 percent of the worldwide market all things considered.

Seeds have a place with nature, not Monsanto!

2. The Dark History of Monsanto-

Maybe the most head-scratching thing about the Monsanto Company is that such a significant number of individuals appear to overlook its corrupt history, which incorporates the assembling of Agent Orange, dangerous PCB synthetic compounds, white phosphorus bombs, and probably the most ruinous pesticides ever.

Monsanto keeps up its motivation is to “feed the world” with GMOs and pesticides, however how might we confide in our nourishment supply to such a lethal organization?

3. The Dark History of Bayer-

Makers of substance weapons amid the principal World War, Bayer is another perfect case of the post-World War II synthetic serious cultivating and drug scene.

The organization additionally turned out to be a piece of IG Farben in 1925, the concoction and dangerous assembling arm of the Adolph Hitler’s Nazi war machine and biggest single substance benefitting it (more information here).

Presently, Bayer makes prescriptions that may sparing lives, yet in addition ones with stunning reactions that have prompted a huge number of claims (see a rundown of medicines to blacklist and take in more here).

They’re additionally one of the biggest GMO seed and pesticide producers on the planet.

4. Agriculturists Getting Squeezed Out-

What amount of a danger is the Bayer-Monsanto merger to agriculturists? A tremendous one, as per an ongoing survey from Farm Aid, a coalition of 45 cultivate bunches that contradict the merger.

As per their insights, the costs of corn and soybeans have spiked drastically in the vicinity of 1995 and 2015, when GMO “Gathering Ready” seeds from Monsanto ended up mainstream. Corn seeds went to $101.04 from $23.98, while the cost of soybean seeds went up from $13.32 to $60.06.

Could comparative increment be en route, pressing out considerably more ranchers?

A survey from Farm Aid found that 93.7 of ranchers reviewed are worried about the merger, and more than 82% are “exceptionally concerned.”

The greatest apprehensions are that Monsanto and Bayer will utilize their joined predominance to push offers of new items on them, while controlling their information and pushing a concoction escalated cultivating model for benefits (take in more here).

These organizations have a past filled with going after ranchers, and hint at no ceasing. The spirit of the family cultivate itself might be in question.

5. Characteristic Remedies are Readily Available-

While the two organizations are dynamic in the concoction cultivating business, Bayer is likewise the maker of numerous great and questionable meds in charge of innumerable claims and symptoms.

Boycotting Bayer’s meds and supporting characteristic cures at whatever point conceivable will be outstanding amongst other approaches to hit the new super organization in the wallet.

6. Natural is the Way Forward-

While Monsanto demands that GMOs and synthetics are the best way to “feed the world,” even the United Nations has gone on record as saying that little scale characteristic cultivating is the appropriate response.

The natural business needs our help, and each time you purchase natural you’re driving a stake through Monsanto and Bayer’s primary concern.

7. Time is of the Essence-

As of late it was reported that Monsanto has marked a $125 million dollar arrangement to surge the market with new “longer-enduring” GMO foodsincluding potential new GMO strawberries, wheat and that’s just the beginning.

Of course, they won’t be marked. The eventual fate of nourishment lays on our buys.

8. We Don’t Need Pesticides to Feed the World-

Likewise as indicated by the United Nations, we needn’t bother with engineered pesticides to bolster the world, either.

Engineered pesticides cause more than 200,000 passings around the world, and they’re the greatest key to Monsanto and Bayer’s plan of action.

These organizations have a huge amount of control over our sustenance supply now, however it won’t keep going forever. As Henry Kissinger once stated, “Control oil and you control countries; control sustenance and you control the general population.”

Gratefully, the control is still in our grasp — now it’s an ideal opportunity to utilize our dollar help free ranchers from domineering corporate control while regardless we have the shot.