How Easy It Is To Leave The Stove Stoves As New By Using Lemon In This Way.

A gas stove has burners that are not easy to clean. However, cleaning the gas burner is important, as it may not heat up properly when clogged.

To clean the burner of the stove after each use, simply clean with a detergent and Using Lemon rinse with warm water. This way, you will eliminate all the dirt that has been thrown on the gas stove.

However, for an optimal operation of your gas burner, it will be necessary to perform a complete cleaning regularly. As the days go by, the meals follow one another, and with them the kitchen of all kinds. The pans have overflowed, the pans have sprayed grease everywhere … and all this ends up resisting the blows of the sponges. Join our cheap trick to clean the burners of your gas stove.

The simple and effective trick to remove all the dirt embedded in the blackened metal. To clean the burners of your stove, you do not need to use expensive specialty products or corrosive scrubbing creams.

If you believe that chemicals are the only powerful cleaning products that remove stubborn stains. False! Natural recipes know very well how to remove dirt on the stove.

In fact, it is difficult to miss a white powder that you already know to clean everything. Economical sodium bicarbonate, easy to use and, of course, surprisingly efficient, helps your gas stove clean and look like new. But I will not talk anymore, and continue with me so you can see how to use Sodium Bicarbonate in this cleaning.

Homemade trick to leave the stove as new


-3 tablespoons of Sodium Bicarbonate
-The juice of a lemon
-A soft sponge

Preparation and mode of use:

-In a bowl mix lemon juice with baking soda.
-Make sure the stove is off, and remove the pieces on the burners.
-With the help of the sponge, spread the mixture on the surface of the stove, also from the oven.
-Let act for 15 minutes
-To remove it, use a soft, damp cloth

If you prefer, you can leave the other pieces in bicarbonate and water, without the lemon.

And then wash them with a soft sponge and rinse.
With this, the grease and dirt are easily removed, odors are eliminated, the stove is clean and disinfected.

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