How To Increase your Fitness Program Efficiency?

Fit sportsman lifting weight

What’s most necessary for making a fitness program more effective is establishing a certain number of trainings every week. It is the minimum number of trainings is two (anaerobic) and three (aerobic) every week. If you combine them, their number can reduce to three trainings a week (two combined and one aerobic).

  • An increase in the number of weekly trainings brings better and more rapid results. Their maximum number would be four force trainings (anaerobic) and six resistance trainings (aerobic).


  • Doing less than the minimum of training could lead to erasing of information and getting out of shape. Training more than the maximum indicated could bring with it the risk of over-training, of physical overwork.


Maximize Your Training Result

One of the roles of the fitness trainer is to individualize the frequency of the programs. In order to find the best periodicity for every person involved in training.

Another factor that can increase the effectiveness of a training program is performing the exercises correctly. Wrong technique will quickly determine worse results. Even if the program which includes those exercises is well conceived, organized in time and personalized.

Besides lack of good results, the person who didn’t acquire good training technique exposes himself to the risk of sometimes very bad accidents ( hernia, stroke, etc.).

The movements a person learns must get to be mastered and performed automatically. Same as the technique of breathing which accompany them. This way, the sportsman will save mental energy that he can use for getting the right intensity, focusing on the muscle towards which he doing a particular exercise on.

Try some Quick but Effective Exercise Routine which is mentioned in the last article. This is a great routine to do at home or gym, it just takes less than 30 Minutes of your time.


Don’t Get Thirsty!

Besides a well-balanced diet (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids), you must take the hydrating essential role seriously.

  • Good hydrating of the body results increasing of the efficiency of a fitness program. You must carefully hydrated your body before, during and after training.

You mustn’t feel thirsty! This would only be a late signal of dehydration. The types of liquids that you use should vary a lot. For example, mineral water, plant teas, fruit, fresh juice, isotonic drinks, energizers, etc.

Also be careful with the drinks that fasten dehydration. This category of liquids includes drinks which contain caffeine or alcohol. They forcefully increase dieresis, fastening dehydration, which training determine it naturally. (especially by aerobic training).

Another factor that you must consider is bio-rhythm, which is specific to each person. You must do your training at the time of maximum physical efficiency. The time which is directly related to the increase of the body temperature.