Lose The Fat From This Area Of The Face With These Super Easy Tricks

Our face is the letter of introduction that we have in front of others. That is why it is necessary to keep it always careful and in perfect condition. External agents are a problem because they tirelessly affect the health of facial skin, however there are some internal factors that are equally worrisome.
Obesity and overweight are characterized by the accumulation of fat in some areas of the body. The face is not the exception, many times, this excess of fat accumulates in the facial area and this makes our face look bigger than it really is. It usually accumulates in the cheekbones and the dreaded “cachetotes” are produced.

Now, although overweight and obesity are important factors for this to happen, they are not the only ones. Other risk factors are: dehydration, poor diet, alcohol consumption, cigarette abuse, chronic diseases and aging. Many people try to eliminate this fat with clinical methods without knowing that there are easy and natural ways with excellent results.

Say goodbye to facial fat with this
Below, we will show you some simple tips that you can put into practice to avoid the accumulation of fat on your face. Once you make them you will notice great changes. Take note:

1. Consume 2 liters of water daily.

2. Eat a healthy diet

3. Reduce salt. Salt causes your body to retain fluids which in turn leads to swelling, one of the main causes of facial fat, as well as fat elsewhere in your body.

4. Increase the consumption of foods with calcium. Eat foods rich in calcium. These help reduce water retention. Foods such as spinach and other green leafy vegetables, broccoli, fish such as salmon and wild sardines, and sesame seeds are a great source of calcium.

5. Avoid the consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea and soda.

6. Reduce carbohydrates and sugars.

A very good option is to perform a lymphatic drainage, this will solve the swelling in case the problem is due to fluid retention.

Now, there are also some exercises that are very easy to do and that give excellent results. You can do them at home and do not require great efforts or a lot of time. With only 30 minutes a day will be enough. And, best of all, you can do them while doing your daily activities.

Exercise # 1: Fish lips

Suck your cheeks and make the typical fish face and with this posture try to smile for 10 seconds, relax and repeat 5 times.

Exercise # 2: Jaws

Open the mouth by placing the lower lip out and leave that position for a few seconds, repeat about 8 or 10 times.

Exercise # 3: Smile

With lips joined, smile as widely as you can, leave this position for a few seconds and then relax, repeat 8 to 10 times.

Exercise # 4: The “o”:

Say X and O several times in a row. These two letters will cause the mouth and cheeks to contract causing the muscles to move a lot. Repeat as many times as you want during the day.

Exercise # 5: Blow

With the lips forming a small “O” blow until you bounce all the air you have in your lungs and repeat for 5 times.