Positive Useful Tips to Help You to Get Rid Of Smoking

Quit smoking for good
  • Built up a strong belief in you blended with the stronger willpower to quit smoking. Consider giving up smoking as one of the very difficult things you have done in your life. It’s all up to you.


  • Make short note why you want to quit (benefits of quitting)live longer far better, for your family, some money, and smell better to find a mate easily, etc. You know very well what is bad about smoking and what you will achieve by quitting smoking. Put the same on a paper and read it daily once

  • Seek all-out support from your family and friends for your decision to quit. Tell them in the very near future you may become irritable, even irrational as a cause of stopping the smoking habit.


  • Get on with a set date for quitting and also decide on what day you intend to say a final goodbye to the cigarette. You may hold a small ceremony when you smoke your last cigarette. It’s up to your liking.

  • An exercise program on a daily basis is going to help you relieve stress, and recover from years of damage from cigarettes; maybe you can start walking ones or twice per day. You may also consider some rigorous activities 3 to 4 times per week. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.


  •  Drink lot of water. Drinking of more would help flushing out nicotine and chemical out of your body.


  • Begin to visualize your way as a non-smoker. Close your eyes imagine yourself turning down offers of cigarettes, offered by someone, throwing all of your packs of cigarette away, winning a gold medal for doing so. A powerful visualization really works.


  • Cut back on cigarettes keep it with a gradual speed. (make sure a quit date till then) This scenario would call for a clear-cut plan as to ‘how many cigarettes ‘ you will smoke everyday reducing the number following each day; you buy only one pack at a time, changing brands means you don’t enjoy smoking as much pall on cigarettes to someone else when feel like to smoke you have to ask for each time.

  • Avoid triggers, learn to plan alternative means and way to deal with the trigger like you feel smoking when in stress, in the end of a meal, arrival at the work, entering a bar etc.


  • You have a ‘clean sheet’ now after quitting smoking your area nonsmoker. You can now think of celebrating the milestone of your journey step by step. After two weeks see a movie, visit a funny restaurant a month after. Covering a time span of three months moves out for you after six months. A year later, have a party for yourself, invite your family friends to your birthday party, celebrate your new beginning of life.