“Stop These Murders” — Independent Cancer Researcher Says She Was Threatened Over Apple Seeds, Her Powerful Response to the Government and Pharmaceutical Industry

Amanda Mary Jewell, who is frequently referred to just as Mary, is a free English growth specialist and elective wellbeing guide, who already worked out of other European nations, for example, Bulgaria.

In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare items Regulatory Agency (MHRA) — comparable to the FDA — has not been content with her. One noteworthy objection they have is that Mary has been advancing two questionable malignancy battling sustenances: apricot seeds and apple seeds, which some say have marvelous growth mending powers, yet others say likewise accompany possibly genuine dangers. The two supplements have been lifesaving for some patients around the globe as per some in the all encompassing network.

Others, obviously, think she is a trick. The negative analysis guided at Mary has much to do with her utilizing medications that are not affirmed by the standard — the seeds, as well as the disputable Miracle Mineral Solution. She in many cases treats patients who are in the last phases of disease — and simply like with standard medications, not every person survives.

All in all, are the grievances against her supported, or would she say she is only the most recent casualty of a comprehensive specialist witch chase? How about we look at.

Apricot Seeds and B17 for Cancer

“These two items, apple seeds and apricot seeds, contain B-17 and have a nourishing worth while reestablishing heath.”


Numerous call apricot seeds one of the prohibited cures.

In an email, Mary, who is as of now working at La Flor Dela Salud, an all encompassing recuperating community for unending illness sufferers in Mexico, said that she will be detained on the off chance that she chooses to come back to the UK.

“I am not giving this a chance to divert me at all. My work proceeds as do the brilliant outcomes we are having,” she said.

Two items the MHRA needs to capture Mary for are apricot seeds and apple seeds. Apricot seeds have been effectively used to murder disease cells for some time now, however they have likewise been intensely under assault. Numerous specialists need to depend on offering them under the table.

For what reason would they hazard that? Since there have been numerous investigations affirming how well apricot seeds can function.

They do contain a significantly solid poison, and should be ingested carefully and in little amounts, anyway for individuals with malignancy, their advantages might just be justified, despite all the trouble.

Apricot seeds contain a compound called amygdalin, which is regularly named B17, which has been utilized to help battle growth cells. In any case, it has been said that the body changes over this malignancy murdering characteristic synthetic to a type of cyanide, which is the reason it has been so intensely directed.

Notwithstanding concerns, ponders have demonstrated that B17 can help treat prostate malignancy, animate the insusceptible framework to assault hurtful cells, for example, disease cells, help with joint inflammation, and numerous different conditions.

Apple Seeds are Second Best for B17

Apple seeds are less known, yet they additionally contain B17. What’s more, much the same as with apricot seeds, it isn’t prescribed to eat a significant number of them at once. Different wellsprings of B17 are grape seeds, peach portions, blueberries and blackberries, lima beans and macadamia nuts. Apricot seeds, in any case, are viewed as the best source.

Supernatural occurrence Mineral Solution

One of alternate items Mary was explored for was Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, utilized for more than 70 years by all encompassing professionals. It is a solid cure that faultfinders call “modern blanch” while individuals that it helped call it a profoundly valuable treatment that assisted with numerous genuine conditions.

It is made of chlorine dioxide, which can be dangerous in high dosages, yet has effectively eliminated microorganisms, infections, organism, and significantly growth cells for some individuals. The FDA has been focusing on this item for a long time. As you’ll find in the video beneath (initial one from the base), Mary and her better half unequivocally lean toward different solutions for MMS, however it has been utilized as a feature of their convention before.

Be that as it may, their utilization of MMS, and apricot and apple seeds, has gotten them in high temp water with the MHRA, they say.

What Does the MHRA Have on Her?

As indicated by the MHRA, advancing the two sorts of seeds as wellbeing sustenances breaks the accompanying demonstrations:

– Fraud Act 2006: dishonestly speaking to an item. For Mary’s situation, the administration declines to recognize that apricot portions can help treat growth.

– The Cancer Act of 1939: disallows anybody from making any notices that need to do with unapproved tumor medications.

– The Nutritional and Health Claims of England Regulations 2007

– The Consumer Protection and Unfair Trading Regulations of 2008

– The Human Medicines Regulation of 2012

– The Supplements England Regulations of 2003

– The Organic Products Regulation of 2009

These join to apparently make a syndication for the pharmaceutical business’ harmful growth medicines and can be tossed in any comprehensive specialist’s face whenever if the legislature or the business feel debilitated, or constrained to act against regular wellbeing experts in any capacity.

It’s essentially not a level playing field for the numerous specialists who take after a naturopathic or comprehensive style, numerous contend.

Mary’s Belief: “Do No Harm” Goes Against Mainstream Cancer Treatments

When offering an explanation to the experts, Mary alludes to the Hippocratic Oath specialists take everywhere throughout the world: never give a toxic substance and do no damage. The expression won’t not show up in the cutting edge promise, as it has been re-composed different circumstances, yet it is utilized as an ethical compass by numerous specialists and restorative expert right up ’til today.

While apricot and apple seeds may contain poisons, they absolutely don’t harm individuals the way chemo does, she contends.

Mary expresses that chemotherapy and radiation are nothing else except for poison that damages the body, in this manner, she declines to utilize them as treatment. She offered an explanation to the MHRA with the accompanying in an email:

“I might want to attract your thoughtfulness regarding those really doing hurt. You work for the harmaceuticals — … pharmaceuticals do hurt thus it is anything but a grammatical error, I truly do mean harmaceuticals — that slaughter individuals day by day. Your association prevents anybody from getting admirably.”