The Best Herb for First Aid – Stops Serious Bleeding in Seconds!

Cayenne (Capsicum annuum or frutescens, or red pepper) has been in ceaseless use by Native Americans as a nourishment and prescription for approximately 9,000 years.

Chilies have a place with the nightshade family, same as tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant. They began from the Americas. In the wake of Christopher Columbus, numerous cultivars of bean stew pepper are found the world over and they are as yet being utilized as nourishment and as solution.

Cayenne Pepper is gotten from pounding the dried red skins of a few sorts of hot bean stew peppers.

Some like it HOT

The hot, impactful some of the time consuming taste of cayenne pepper is gotten from its most dynamic compound known as capsaicin, (/kæpˈseɪ.ɨsɪn/; substance name 8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide) Capsaicin is the most dynamic fixing in cayenne; it’s the fundamental capsaicinoid in stew peppers. The more sultry the stew pepper the more capsaicin it contains.

Legend Buster: The warmth of a stew isn’t fundamentally in the seeds. Truly, the seeds do have some warmth, yet by a wide margin a large portion of the capsaicin is situated in the ribs that hold the seeds.

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Tidbit: “Capsaicinoids are gotten from the compound vanillin, which gives vanilla its flavorful taste and smell. Shockingly, their “hotness” or “heat” isn’t a taste but instead a sensation. There are no taste buds related with capsaicinoids.”

Stew Pepper Emergency Medicine

medicinecabinetCayenne pepper is the one herb that ought to be in everybody’s drug bureau as a component of their crisis emergency treatment unit. Cayenne is the ‘go to herb’ when you have to rapidly stop serious seeping inside seconds. A small portion of research uncovers that cayenne pepper has numerous other excellent medical advantages and restorative uses also, including ceasing a heart assault cool close to ingestion. In any case, this article is centered around how to utilize cayenne to stop both outside and inward seeping in crisis circumstances.

“In 35 long stretches of training, and working with the general population and instructing, I have never on house calls lost one heart assault tolerant and the reason is, at whatever point I go in– in the event that they are still breathing– I pour down them some cayenne tea: a teaspoon of cayenne in some boiling water, and inside minutes they are up and around.” Dr. Christopher

John_Raymond_ChristopherJohn Raymond Christopher (1909– 1983) was an American cultivator, frequently called “Dr. Christopher” while not holding any doctorate. He is known for his various productions on herbs and characteristic mending, including School of Natural Healing.

With negligible research and some interest you’ll before long find what a striking herb cayenne is and why it completely should be a piece of your home grown pharmacist. For more data and genuine contextual investigations about this wonderful herb examine Dr. Christopher’s site.

The most effective method to Use Cayenne for External Wounds

As per the late Dr. Christopher, “When you check to ten, the substantial draining should stop totally subsequent to controlling cayenne pepper.”


In the first place unwind, take a full breath and get focused. It’s an exceptionally basic convention.

Next take some cayenne pepper powder or tincture and basically apply it generously and specifically into the draining cut or cut. The draining should stop inside 10-15 seconds. On the off chance that you utilize a cayenne tincture utilize the dropper to specifically surge the injury with tincture, or in the event that you simply have a jug of hand crafted tincture you can empty some into a little bowl and afterward douse a perfect, cotton ball in the bowl of cayenne tincture. Presently crush the tincture into the injury by means of the soaked cotton ball.

Cayenne tincture ought to be saved for little cuts and scratches. In case you’re managing a vast injury that is draining abundantly, call 911 as you pack the injury with heaps of cayenne pepper powder and also take no less than a teaspoon or so of cayenne powder in a glass of warm dilute and drink it quick.

Cayenne is an intense styptic (a substance fit for ceasing draining when connected to an injury.) It does this by rapidly evening out circulatory strain and activating coagulation or blood thickening, which happens quicker on account of cayenne. Not exclusively does it quit draining rapidly, it likewise purifies the slice so there’s no compelling reason to stress over a disease setting in.

Shockingly, numerous individuals report that Cayenne powder doesn’t sting when it’s connected straightforwardly to an open injury!

Here’s a statement from the late Herbalist Dr. John Christopher’s book, School of Natural Healing, “… take a teaspoonful of cayenne in a glass of additional warm water, drink it down, and by the check of ten, the draining will stop. Rather than all the weight being incorporated, it is evened out, and the coagulating turns out to be more quick. Regardless of whether the draining is inward or outside, a teaspoon of cayenne taken orally in a glass of boiling water will stop the draining rapidly.”


Dr. Schulze completely announces that cayenne pepper is the main medical aid herb — without exception! It ought to be utilized at whatever point there’s an issue with blood – loss of blood, malady, clusters, or even stoppage.

drschultzNOTE: Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., M.H. is one of the FOREMOST Authorities on Natural Healing and Herbal Therapy in the World. He apprenticed with the late Dr Christopher.

Zoe from Cure Zone:

“There is no herb that quits draining speedier than cayenne – from slices to inner discharging. For profound cuts, I flush out the injury with what I call an against disease tincture which has cayenne in it (the equation is in the part on dangerous elm).

It starts to stop the seeping, as well as it cleans, sterilizes, and even seals the injury. At that point, simply pack cayenne powder into the injury. It doesn’t consume. On open new injuries, there is so much injury as of now, you don’t feel a thing. Cayenne stops the draining promptly and the high measure of vitamin An and vitamin C in cayenne likewise perfect and purify. Besides with any damage, make sure to take cayenne inside.”

What sort of Cayenne Pepper would it be a good idea for me to purchase?

cayennebowel”Today, a great deal of cayenne sold has been overheated by handling machines, and the mending capacity has been cooked appropriate out of it.””-Dr. Schultz

Truth be told, you ought to abstain from purchasing cayenne from the flavor bureau of your supermarket. Most herbs and flavors are illuminated which makes them insufficient therapeutically. Most cayenne pepper powder in the flavor area of your most loved staple likely just has a warmth list of 30,000-50,000 or (SHUs) Scoville Heat Units or HU (warm units) It is prescribed by Herbalists to utilize a powder of 90,000 SHU’s or more prominent for crisis medical problems. Heat should as much as possible! NOTE: “Capsicum or Cayenne Pepper is one of only a handful couple of herbs that can be estimated by its BTU or warm units. At the end of the day, it is a hot and fortifying pepper plant that can create warm.”

Dr. Schultz keeps up that your best alternative is to purchase natural cayenne powder from a respectable organization that promises it has not been illuminated.

Schultz states: “There is a whole other world to cayenne than simply warm. There are flavonoids in cayenne that will mend heart cells and ensure your heart. There are vitamins in cayenne pepper that will demolish microorganisms and increment your invulnerable framework.” Schultz proceeds. “The lower quality the cayenne, the less recuperating happens. A considerable measure of the cayenne I’ve seen has a smoky scent and a dim shading to it. It’s been warmed high amid the powdering procedure, so a great deal of alternate supplements that were in there, compounds et cetera, are gone.”

Cayenne likewise contains vitamins An and C, and carotenoids, the shades that give red, yellow, and orange plants their lively shading and contain a wealth of cancer prevention agents.