The Scientist Found That This Vitamin Prevents The Risk Of Stomach Cancer

In recent decades, in many countries (primarily in Japan and Finland), statistics have shown that the percentage of malignant diseases of the stomach has dropped significantly. Specialists link this fact with the increased use of oranges, mandarins, and other carotene-rich juices, as well as carrots and other different types of yellow-green vegetables with increased beta-carotene content. Conversely: excessive use of meat leads to an increase in the risk of stomach cancer. A few years ago, at the University of Arizona, the United States, it was found that beta-carotene, which is contained in carrots and green leafy vegetables, prevents the development of certain malignant diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to bring at least 30 mg of beta-carotene into the body every day. In this amount, beta-carotene is contained in 2-6 carrots of 100 grams. Scientists have confirmed what has long been discovered by folk medicine.

How carrots fight cancer

Orange-red carrots are incredibly rich in antioxidants and ingredients that protect our body from cancer. But beta-carotene is the most famous carotenoid agent in carrots. As scientists have argued, excessive use of carotenoid-containing foods reduces the likelihood of diseases. Such as pancreatic cancer, prostate, and lung cancer. Even smokers rarely develop malignant diseases if they adhere to a diet that involves the inclusion of as many carotenoids as possible in the body. Smokers whose diet has few carotenoids have cancer four times more than smokers who eat at least one carrot per day. Imagine how much of these important protective ingredients will get your body if you drink at least one glass of fresh carrot juice every day.

Carotenoids are not the only wealth of this juice. Carrots contain another useful organic compound that has the fantastic ability to recover the injured DNA molecules. These molecules are carriers of the genetic code. The destruction of their structure is the basic cause of the negative transformation of cells. And the premature aging of the organism. Protect your DNA molecules from injuries and thus protect your body from aging and cancer! This substance appears as a natural biological protector. In the opinion of scientists, its molecules flow literally between pairs of DNA molecules and repair structural damage. The experiments shows this: if from the blood of the diseased person we take pathologically altered white blood cells. And if we add this substance to them. A biological wonder and the patient will be able to completely recover white blood cells.

Vitamin E against cancer

In China, in Lin Shan Province, scientists conducted a collective study of 30,000 inhabitants. In connection with the anticancer activity of vitamin E and beta-carotene. The two substances are present in the carrots. Experts have calculated that everyday consumption of a larger amount of fruits and vegetables also means carrots,  can lead to a reduction in malignancy by 50 percent. The National Institute of Malignant Diseases in the United States recommends daily consumption of 5 servings of vegetables and fruits. In which it is mandatory to include carrots. The German Nutrition Association recommends that two-thirds of the daily diet should consist of vegetable products.