What Is The Quickest Way To Lose Belly Fat?

Ever wonder what the quickest way to lose belly fat is?  The simple answer is exercise and lots of it. But exercise alone won’t work just as dieting alone doesn’t work. You need to combine the two.


What exercises can you do?

Any form of aerobic activity will help you to burn fat. But the best ones have to be walking, rope skipping and running.


1- Walking is a great exercise as it is free and anyone, regardless of their state of health, can take up walking. But we are not talking about a gentle stroll in the park.  In order to burn fat, you need to walk so that you are breathing fairly heavily and should continue this for 15-minute stretches at a time.  Don’t walk as if you were on a shopping trip. You need to walk as if you have to be somewhere in a hurry. Get that heart pumping and see those pounds drop off.

2- Running is also a great form of exercise but if you are not yet fit, you need to start slowly and build up speed. There is no point in trying to be the fastest sprinter around if you only last five minutes.  Also be sure to check with your medical advisors before you take up running, skipping or any other form of exercise. This is particularly important if your BMI is over 30 as you could put yourself at risk of a heart attack. Try to do 15 minutes of good running every day.


3- Rope skipping is a fun way to tone up, lose belly fat and add shapely legs to your figure.  Don’t be fooled though. What looks like a fun exercise is actually a hard aerobic workout.  You need to build up the length of time you can skip for.  Take it slowly at first and gradually build up speed and length of the workout.  To vary your progress and work different muscle groups add in skipping backward to your routine once you have the forward skipping mastered.

Moreover, you can target your belly fat by doing yoga. Click here and read about the Yoga positions which target your stomach.

All of this exercise is going to build up a thirst but you will defeat your plan to lose belly fat if you drink carbonated water or diet drinks.  Pure filtered water is the only drink for now. You need to cut out all other forms of liquid including alcohol, caffeine and any drink marked diet.  The more water you drink the more efficient your system will become at eliminating waste. This will prevent bloating making your stomach look flatter. Your skin will bloom as will your hair and nails.

Don’t let your unhealthy diet ruin all of your hard work either so you need to have a look at that and remove all the obvious culprits from your plate. Stop snacking on anything other than healthy snacks so plenty of nuts, seeds, and fruit. Eat fruit and vegetables as close to their original source as possible and if you can afford it go organic.


You don’t want to overload your system with pesticides. Always eat a good breakfast but ditch the sugar-coated cereals. You will want to eat good quality protein and carbohydrates instead and soon your friends will be asking you what is the quickest way to lose belly fat as you flaunt your new trim figure.