What risks hides the microwave oven?

Microwave ovens offer unparalleled convenience when it is necessary to quickly heat the food. The convenience in this case comes with its high price . On the one hand, the microwave heating of the food destroys some of the beneficial ingredients in it, and on the other – leads to its transformation into products dangerous to health .

Microwave ovens form energy waves that pass through the inside and create high-intensity microwaves. Attention is non-ionizing radiation , which is absorbed by heating and food which is defined as dangerous to health.

Various studies have been devoted to elucidating the risk of regular consumption of food heated in a microwave oven. The main danger comes from the conversion of organic compounds into food under the influence of microwaves and the high temperature they create. Microwave heating has been found to destroy a very high percentage of antioxidants and thermolabile vitamins in food. In addition, a significant portion of the protein is lost, and some fats can be transformed into highly active free radicals. An additional risk is also the vessels in which we feed the food, some of which can also release dangerous chemicals formed under the influence of microwaves. As a result of these transformations, not only do we not obtain the necessary nutrients, but also directly consume products that have a proven adverse health impact.

Studies have shown that the side effects of regular microwave heating can vary widely. There is evidence of a real risk of developing chronic health problems such as:

High cholesterol;
Increased blood sugar;
Weakened immunity;
Insomnia and other sleep disorders;

The most sensitive to the risk of these consequences are children and adolescents.

There are also studies demonstrating that the health risk from long-term use of a microwave oven can be minimized if some major recommendations are adhered to when operating it. It is important to use only vessels approved for this purpose. It would be useful to mix the heated food frequently to avoid excessive  overheating in certain areas. Exactly in the case of overheating, the most dangerous compounds are formed. The most effective guarantor for avoiding negative microwave effects is the avoidance of cooking and baking food in microwave ovens, especially processed products. It is considered to be the safest oven when it is used only to lightly heat food or liquids.