3 Amazing Smoothies For Fast Summer Weight Loss

Special taste, low caloric content, high nutrition are the advantages of this popular potion with the addition of the traditional product. And if the smoothie is made on the basis of kefir, it contributes to weight loss and to improving the exchange of substances in the body. Therefore it stimulates the metabolism.

With a banana

For this smoothie it takes 400 ml of kefir, two tablespoons of oat flakes, several strawberries and one banana. All this is blended into a blender for three minutes. This smoothie can even replace breakfast, because it gives a long feeling of satiety, and it contains all the necessary elements.

With vegetables and apple

Put in a blender 200 ml kefir,  cleaned and cuted cucumber and apples, celery. Add them to the previously made juice of one beet (let stand for three hours) and four carrots. Blend this again again. This smoothie fantastically boosts energy, strengthens immunity, and at the same time reduces bad cholesterol. It is advised to drink every morning.

With rowan and parsley

Cleaned pieces of chopped green apple and banana, celery, 100 g of rowan, a little chopped parsley and 200 ml of kefir. Blend them for several minutes in a blender. Parsley and the rowan are rich in vitamin C, so they strengthen immunity, fight bacteria, cleanse the body, expel toxins, regulate stomach and kidney work. It will also help you get rid of excess fluid in your body.