This Part Of The Walnut Is Even Healthier Of The Walnut, And We Throw It Away

Almost every one of us knows how much the walnuts are healthy for the human body, but they do not know all that its barriers are almost as healing. Most of us throw away the inside barriers of the walnuts, which is a disadvantage because many quality properties are hidden in the walnut barrier. Russians used it most often to treat skin rashes, and in the war in 1812 soldiers used them on the front as an antiseptic.

They burned the walnut barriers, and with the ash, they spilled their wounds. Today they consider that the barrier has much more iodine, glucosides, vitamin C, alkaloids. And organic acids than the walnut nuts itself. They are used to treat the thyroid gland, stimulate metabolism, strengthen immunity, improve nervous system functions, and reduce weight.


Tinctures and teas are made from walnuts barriers and are also used as a spice. They are recommended to people with iodine deficiency in the body, mastopathy, myoma, adenoma of the prostate … They also help in case of increased irritability, rapid fatigue, and excess weight. Tincture: 25 walnut barriers (one walnut one barrier) put them in a glass jar and sprinkle with 70% alcohol, which you can buy in a pharmacy. Keep the tincture in a jar for a week in a dark place. Dissolve a spoon of tincture in a glass of cold water and drink it.