4 bio oils in the treatment of ear infection

Ear infections are among the health problems that are rampant in the summer, especially among children. The problem is always acute, but infections often chronicle if they are not fully healed in the acute phase.

Ear infection can develop independently or as coinfection in inflammation of the throat or sinuses. In both cases, symptoms include pain and increased secretion from the ear, a feeling of increased pressure inside the ear, hearing problems, etc.

In addition to the traditional medical approach, the treatment of ear infection can be supplemented with some bio oils that have natural antibacterial and healing properties.

Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree
Essential Oil is one of the most prominent natural products with natural antibacterial properties. It also has high efficacy against bacteria that cause ear infections. A positive effect is also seen in acute and chronic ear infections.

Chamomile oil
also has its antibacterial effect and studies show that it is highest in the treatment of ear infections affecting the middle and outer ear.

Rosemary oil The rosemary
extract also exhibits antibacterial activity, and acts very well to speed up the healing of the damage to the lining of the ear canal caused by the infection. In addition, rosemary oil also has a painkiller effect to control symptoms and relieve ear infection.

Lavender Oil
Along with its very pleasant fragrance, lavender oil is among the most effective natural products to relieve inflammatory processes, including in the ear. Its beneficial effect is due to the stimulating effect on blood circulation. Lavender oil improves the flow of blood into the infection area and helps to clear the inflammation. In addition, it has a pain-relieving effect.

The said bio oils have their benefits in complementing the treatment of ear infections at any age. The most appropriate way to use them is by irrigating an ear swab and placing it for a few minutes in the ear. It is important that the oil is not used in concentrated form but diluted with water or another type of neutral bio-almond oil, coconut , etc. Providing enough time for the action of bio oils and repeated repetition of the procedure can help treat the infection in the ear both in acute and in chronic form.