A 3-Minute Video of the CDC Exposes Everything Wrong with the Vaccine Approval Process

When a pharmaceutical company has revealed a new vaccine, the committee is the one that has the work to approve it for public use is the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

The issues that this organization has run deep. Many of the committee members have relations to the pharmaceutical industry and the vaccine manufacturers. A short video from a meeting earlier this year shows the ACIP voting on a new vaccine, and it exposes everything that is wrong with their methods.

The new vaccine has been approved that has a unanimous vote with no adequate safety data in place.

The brand new ingredients it has are made from synthetic DNA and have shown to be associated with a higher risk of heart attacks and autoimmune diseases, yet these risks are left until the post-marketing process, which will take two years to gather.

Meanwhile, the vaccine is already on the market, available to the unsuspecting public.

The Vaccine Has Not Been Tested With Other Vaccines

The new vaccine in fact is called HEPLISAV-B by Dynavax, a biopharmaceutical company founded in 1996.

On HEPLISAV, the company has worked jointly with Merck, one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. It has been made for people over 18 years old that have hepatitis B (HBV) caused by all subtypes of HBV.

The first problem with this new vaccine comes from the fact that it has never been studied in combinations with other vaccines. As there are many vaccines on the CDC’s recommended schedule, it’s important to know if there is a higher risk of side effects and injury with multiple vaccines.

Yet when they have been asked if there can be any issue using the new vaccine at the same time as other vaccines, there has been no data to provide an answer.

“We have no data to make a recommendation one way or the other,” was said at the committee.

The pre-clinical studies were not done for using these vaccines simultaneously.

“Our general approach to immunizations is that they should be given at the same time in different limbs,” said Amanda Cohn, Senior Advisor for Vaccines.

Administering different vaccines in different body parts may reduce risk of a localized reaction, but is not a logical argument against other types of reactions.

The studies to calculate the actual risk have not been done.

The New Ingredient Uses Synthetic DNA and Raises Risk for Heart Attacks

A brand new adjuvant that has been approved to be used in this vaccine is not used anywhere else in the world. It is the adjuvant 1018 or cytosine phosphoguanosine oligodeoxynucleotide, CpG-ODN, using synthetic DNA molecules.

The studies done on the adjuvant and the new hepatitis B vaccine were funded, designed and overseen by Dynavax, the vaccine manufacturer itself.

None of the issues with this adjuvant were discussed at the CDC committee meeting until after everyone voted with a 100% approval rate.

After voting it was discussed that this new adjuvant may increase the risk for heart attacks.

Dr. Stephen confirmed: “ I am concerned about the myocardial infarction signal.”

Risk Data and Analysis Will Not Be Available Until Post-Marketing Experiences

Dr. Stephen also said, “I am concerned about the use of this new adjuvant and certainly urge us to continue to look at the post-marketing data carefully.”

Another doctor in the room, Dr. Sun, said the post-marketing studies and experiences will also show the risk for autoimmune diseases, as well as shingles.

The post-marketing experiences, which in may include many possible side effects including the potential for many serious side effects, will not be available until May 2020. Yet, the vaccine is already available to be given to patients; HEPLISAV-B™ became available in the U.S. on January 8, 2018.

Many of those watching this video are highly concerned that this is how each vaccine gets approved: with not enough safety data, no lengthy and educated discussions, and leaving the evaluation of true risk factors until years after the vaccine has been on the market and someone, if not many people, are gravely injured.

I want all my friend and family members who think that I am nuts or too zealous over vaccine danger to watch this video. I want you to see how a new vaccine is approved for market, by the quasi governmental agencies that you trust.Edit: I’m editing my post to include that the new adjuvant 1018: Oligonucleotides containing unmethylated CpG sequences is SYNTHETIC DNA!!!! They approved SYNTHETIC DNA to be used in VACCINES!!!

Posted by Yvette Bronx on Monday, March 19, 2018