A Low Carb Low Fat Diet – Your Key To Successful Weight Loss

You will lose weight if you follow a low carb, low-fat diet. You will still need to eat fats but they will be healthy ones. Saturated fats should be avoided as not only do they pile on the pounds but they are also linked to cancer and heart disease.


As well as following the weight loss plan, you will also need to increase the amount of exercise you take during the day.  The minimum recommended amount of steps we should take per day is 10,000.  You should try to do more than this if you are intent on slimming down and toning up.  Try to mix the type of exercises you do.  Aerobic exercise is great for losing pounds and giving your heart a vital workout.  Lifting weights will help you to tone up faster. A combination of the two, done on alternate days will give you the best results.

If your BMI when starting this new program is over 30 you should seek medical advice. As it may not be advisable to start a new exercise plan without supervision at least at first.


Fat doesn’t make you fat in itself. It is the amount and type of fats we consume that is the problem.  Our body needs fat and as it is easy to digest, it loves it. There are four types of fat, the best, next best, bad and really bad.  We should try and eat only those that fall into the first and second categories.  Monosaturated fats are the best.  You can find them in olive oil, flax oil and oily fish such as Salmon.  The next best fats are polyunsaturated which are cholesterol free. Most vegetable oils are full of polyunsaturated fats.


To reduce the number of fats you consume you not only have to remove the obvious fat from meat and poultry but you should also use low-fat dairy products and semi or skimmed milk.  In addition, most cakes, biscuits and fast foods contain hidden fats, most of the very bad variety so they need to be eaten in very low quantities.  They are best avoided if you are intent on losing weight.

One way to ensure you follow a low carb, low-fat diet is to cook your own food from scratch.  The closer ingredients stay to their natural state, the fewer calories they normally contain. Also if you rely on home cooked food, you won’t be adding bad fats to your meals in order to make them taste better or last longer.  Switching your pasta, rice, and noodles from white to wholegrain will also lower the carbs you are eating as will changing your bread to whole grain or whole wheat.  Small changes like this will make a big impact on your waistline and your health.


Following a low carb, low-fat diet may take a little getting used to in the beginning but as you are never going to have to starve yourself or weigh calories it should be easier to stick with than other diets you may have tried in the past.

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