Dermatologists Are Angry In Silence, This Removes The Calluses and Fungi of The Feet In 2 Days

The feet are a part of the body that are of great importance for everyone. With them we stop, walk and perform many other activities. But for many women, it is one of their most precious ornaments. This is more true when they usually wear open shoes or heels.

Unfortunately not all of us can have delicate, soft and beautiful feet. For many reasons we could get calluses, the skin becomes rough and brittle and things like that. This makes any woman feel that she is living the worst of her nightmares.

However, at present we have many remedies to solve these problems. No matter what the evil we face, for all of them there is an effective remedy. Today we will talk about one of them that will make your feet your most beautiful jewelry.

Aspirin is a medication widely known all over the world. It is usually used to treat headache or some problems related to fever or circulation. However, this is very useful for many other things, such as for the health of the skin and our aesthetic beauty. This makes the medicine even more valuable in terms of health.

Among other things, we can use aspirin to combat acne, facial blemishes and impurities. Likewise, it is very effective to eliminate the fungi of the feet and nails. This is because it decreases its growth and reduces the itching sensation caused by fungi.

To make matters worse, has a high concentration of beta-hydroxy acid, a fat-soluble component that is widely used by cosmetic companies to make their creams and exfoliating lotions. However, this medication can cause Alzheimer’s and memory loss as a side effect.

On the other hand, it has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that reduce pain and tension. Hence, many use it as a pain reliever when they have body or head pain. Now, it has been added to the list of benefits, its ability to remove dark spots on the skin. Likewise, it also serves to improve the appearance of the feet, eliminating toxins, calluses, cracks, etc.

Improve the appearance of your feet

One of the problems that is common in the feet, is that they crack, their skin hardens and things like that. However, we want to show you a very effective treatment to combat these problems. If you apply them, in a very short time your feet will look soft and beautiful.

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The ingredients you will need are very easy to obtain and can be used on any type of skin. As the treatment is not aggressive, it will not cause you any harm regardless of your skin type. On the contrary, its constant application decreases the spread of fungi and bacteria on the feet. Similarly, it serves to stabilize the pH of the skin and eliminate odors.

What we will need:

-Lemon juice (1 unit)

-Aspirin (5 units)

-Pumice stone (1 unit)

Preparation and use:

To start, take the aspirins and crush them very well with the help of a mortar or pestle. If you do not have a pylon at home, you can moisten the chips and crush them with a fork or heavy object. Once you get a fine powder without lumps, you will put it in a separate container. Now, mix it with the lemon juice until you get a consistent paste. If necessary, you can add a little water.

Before applying this cream, you should wash your feet very well to remove any dirt. Then, you will put a thin layer of this cream on your feet, emphasizing the area with fungus or calluses. You should leave it for 30 minutes, then remove it with plenty of warm water.

Now, you will eliminate the calluses and the dead skin with the pumice stone. Again rinse your feet with warm water to remove dead skin and leave them soft. This process you have to repeat 2 or 3 times a week to obtain lasting results. To complement your result, apply moisturizer and avoid dryness.

Since you know what you should do, do not hesitate for a second and prepare this remedy as soon as possible. You will see how your feet become soft and delicate again, making this remedy and applying it. Now you will not be afraid to wear those open heels that you like so much, rather they will be your favorite.