You Should Only Take This Tea Every Night Before Bedtime: It Will Remove Bone Pain, Deflate The Prostate, Eliminate Colic and Rejuvenate The Skin

The avocado or avocado is a delicious and nutritious fruit, very beneficial for our health, but its seed (which we tend to throw), we can consume it. Since it contains many more medicinal properties than the rest of the fruit.

In addition, we can also use it in a topical way to treat skin problems, muscle pain, Deflate The Prostate joints and benefits that brings to health the bone that we always throw away.

Later we will teach you how to use avocado seeds to get the most out of the natural treatment of many diseases, to lose weight, among many other things.


The avocado is an excellent food, very complete, and we recommend its habitual consumption. We also share all the benefits of your seed, since 70% of the amino acids contained in this fruit are precisely in the seed. It also contains more soluble fiber than any other food.

-Reduce bad cholesterol
-Improves blood circulation
-Help those suffering from nervous colitis
-Low blood pressure
-Help reduce blood sugar
-Cleans the colon and intestines
-Regulates menstrual disorders in women
-It is a terrific anti-inflammatory
-Significantly improves the appearance of your skin
-Strengthens bones and teeth
-Increase your defenses so you do not get sick so much
-Helps improve digestion
-Prevents intestinal inflammation
-Helps prevent heart disease
-Excellent antioxidant similar to Green Tea
-Rejuvenates because it increases the production of collagen
-Decreases diarrhea
-Control asthma
-It favors the prevention of tumors
-Reduces joint pains
-It is relaxing and fights tiredness
-Prevents cardiac arrest
-It helps you lose weight
-Deflates the prostate
-Remove heartburn


-Fresh an avocado seed very well

-Place it in a saucepan with three cups of water

-Leave on high heat until it boils

-Loosen the heat, cover the pan and let it cook for another half hour

You should drink this hot or warm preparation, one cup per day for three days in a row. Then rest 4 days and start again. Repeat this series for three weeks, while you make your diet to lose weight.