Do You Have The Urge To Urinate All The Time? A Possible Natural Solution

Urination is called the action of eliminating urine, which is the waste that filters the kidneys added to the excess of water in the blood. Under normal conditions, an individual can store in his bladder about 200 ml of urine that he can hold for two to five hours.

This frequency can be modified according to the amount of liquid we have ingested and the activity that we develop during the day. If we consume a lot of water and do a sport, we will probably lose a lot of the liquid we consume and urinate less.

But what happens when we need to urinate continuously? This is a way of detecting that something is not right and it is necessary to consult with a professional. The medical specialists in these matters are urologists.

Increased need to urinate

It is important to establish a difference between a person who ingests large amounts of fluid and who frequently needs to urinate from another who has a low fluid intake.

Some of the habits that make us urinate more frequently are:

– Drink large amounts of water or liquid. Infusions and water itself generate a greater need to urinate.

– If you feel the need to urinate in the middle of the night it is important to check how much liquid you drink before going to sleep. It is important to urinate before going to bed to avoid waking up at dawn and even so that this does not prevent falling asleep.

– Caffeine increases the need to urinate as well as alcohol and particularly beer.

– Diuretics, which are usually administered precisely because of fluid retention, cause frequent urination.

– Anxiety, stress and nerves can be a combination that generates a response of the body to a situation of tension and causes urination.

But there are other reasons why visits to the bathroom become more frequent and have nothing to do with habits or some of the reasons described above, but there are certain pathologies that cause the number of times we urinate to increase. Let’s see some.

– Urinary infections: The need to urinate permanently is the classic symptom of urinary tract infections. In addition, they are often accompanied by stabbing pain, burning and even blood in the urine. It is very common in young women.

If the infection has already reached the kidneys, the affected people may present other symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting and back pain at waist height.

This infection is often known as cystitis.

– Inflammation or infection in the urethra: Bacteria or viruses that lodge in the urinary tract can cause inflammation or infection of the urethra, which is typical of chlamydia or gonorrhea, which are sexually transmitted diseases.

This can cause urination more frequently and presents symptoms similar to cystitis.

– Prostatitis: Inflammation of the prostate is a pathology that affects men frequently, especially when they have already reached 50 years of age.

The urge to urinate permanently tend to occur especially at night and this is added to the pain or burning when urinating or the feeling of wanting to continue urinating even when you have finished doing it. This pathology requires consultation with a urologist.

In addition to these infections that are the most common that affect people in relation to the desire to urinate frequently, we can also add other reasons to consider:

– Vaginitis (inflammation in the vagina).

– Type II diabetes.

– Tumors in the pelvis.

– Cancer in the bladder.

– Alterations of the nervous system.

– Pregnancy.

– Overactive bladder syndrome.

Whenever you notice that your desire to urinate increases and you become aware that it is not because you have drunk too much water or because you are taking diuretics, it is imperative to consult a specialist.

But we can also support ourselves with natural alternatives that can help you in the process and in the treatment you carry out to reduce symptoms and feel better.

Some natural remedies:

– Drink infusions of horsetail in fasting to which you will add the juice of half a lemon. This helps clear the urinary tract and works as a diuretic.

– We already know that garlic is an antibiotic of nature and is one of the most effective. Place a clove of garlic in a glass of warm water in the morning, let it peel off its properties throughout the day and drink this liquid at night.

– Prepare an infusion of ginger that is ideal as an anti-inflammatory. This will relieve your urinary tract.

– Water is the best we can ingest to clean the urinary tract. While all liquids serve to keep us hydrated there is nothing better than water. But beware! It is advisable to drink approximately 2 liters of water per day and the excess can end up being harmful.

– Modify your eating habits and as you go through this process avoid foods such as chocolate, red meat, spicy foods, processed foods, refined sugars, vinegar, cow’s milk and coffee. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

– Never delay for too long the need to urinate. This is extremely harmful to the bladder and urinary tract. Remember that urine is waste and if you hold it for a long time in the bladder can cause infections. The most healthy thing is to eliminate these fluids from the body as soon as you feel the need. Also, avoid urinating when you feel the need can cause urinary incontinence over time.