Eliminates ALL Warts With These Three Recipes With Garlic

Bring a little garlic, mix it with a drop of honey and put it on the wart, under a bandage or a towel. Do this until the wart disappears, but not longer than 10 to 15 days.

A fresh clove of garlic finely chop and put it on the wart, and pre-moisten the surrounding skin with ground pig fat or with goose grease. Fasten the bow with a patch that needs to be changed every day.

Also, you can put the skin around the wart with a banana peel and put on the juice of the garlic on the wart itself. And this case the faster should be changed after 7-10 days

Vinegar from garlic

Clean three cloves of garlic and pour it into 3-4 glasses of wine vinegar. Wine vinegar can be also, replaced with apple cider vinegar. And let it stand for two weeks. Garlic is recommended for the treatment of warts.

For this, it is necessary to dip the linen cloth with the garlic vinegar. Then put it in the affected area, make the lining and leave it in the sore spot at night. In the morning you have to repeat the same procedure.