First balm, then shampoo – try with oily hair

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The standard hair wash sequence includes the use of shampoo followed by balm. The effect of hair cleaning in these cases is visible, but the fact is that in many cases applying balsam, especially when it is not rinsed, results in a quicker  lubrication . Regular use of washing products in the indicated sequence can lead to a chronicling of the problem and excessive greasy hair in the first hours after bathing.

Therefore, experts recommend changing the consistency of use of shampoo and balsam in the bathroom.

It has been found that if the conditioner is applied first and then the shampoo, the hair retains its natural luster for a much longer time. Shampoo as the ultimate product provides complete hair cleansing and rinsing of greasy grease remnants. Therefore, people with greasy or greasy hair are recommended to try this simple step as a means to solve their problem. The measure is also recommended for people with normal hair as a preventative in the summer when we wash our hair more often and the risk of excessive oilyness is the most serious.

The main reason for the rapid greasing of the hair is the increased production of sebum from the skin of the scalp. Most of the balsams, especially those that do not wash off, seal the sebum on the surface of the hair, and while drying the hair it “prints” and again freely covers the hair.

Changing the use of balsam and shampoo will solve this problem. It will preserve the benefits that balm brings to nourish hair, but it will allow the shampoo’s washing functions to remove all hair greasy residues, which will keep the natural appearance of the hair for longer.

Useful fineness is also found in the way balm and shampoo are applied to hair. It is good to apply the balm mainly on the ends of the hair, and the area on the scalp and at the root of the hair roots should be reserved for the shampoo.

According to cosmetics experts, these recommendations have the necessary effect and help to regulate hair greasing . Although the individual peculiarities of each type of hair are decisive in this case, exchanging the use of shampoo and balsam in the bath can help to achieve more lasting control of the hair. The method can be attempted in any case because it will not cause undesirable consequences and the potential benefits will be reported very quickly.