Four-Day Sauerkraut Diet Regulates Weight And Protects Health

A four-day diet based on this vegetable regulates weight and protects health, and comes from the east

Sauerkraut is an ideal product for people who care about their weight because a portion of this product contains about 30 calories, so you can include it on a diet. It almost insignificantly contributes to the general caloric intake of the portion, but it ensures the normal functioning of the gut, which is very important in the process of weight loss. The excellent effect gives a four-day diet based on sauerkraut. In that case, the portion of this product is ideally balanced, and as a result of the mentioned diet, you will not feel any starvation. In addition, you will be surprised by the beautiful and healthy color of the face, while the digestive system will work as an hour. You can repeat the four-day dietary patterns as much as you like.

First day

Breakfast: a piece of bread with 175 g of non-fat cow cheese and a crescent salad (one-year herb eating like salad) with salt and pepper.

Lunch: Sauerkraut stewed with pork (200 g sauerkraut, 100 g lean pork, and onion).

Dinner: salad of sauerkraut, radish, and cucumber with yogurt sauce (75 g of yogurt, mix with spoons of crushed walnuts, salts, and beats).

Second day

Breakfast: cut a banana, pour 150 g non-fat yogurt and sprinkle with a spoon of oat flakes.

Lunch: 200 g sauerkraut with 50 ml of apple juice and two sweet peppers. Enrich with salt and pepper.

Dinner: salmon fillet, baked with vegetable oil, and a salad of sauerkraut (200 g cabbage, 50 g fresh pineapple, and two young prunes young onion are seasoned with a sauce of two spoons of yogurt and grated lemon peel).

Third day

Breakfast: cow’s cheese and orange cream: clean the orange and split it into pieces. Half the juice from the orange is mixed with 150 g cow cheese. Put it on the remaining parts of the fruit, then sprinkle it with sunflower seeds.

Lunch: mix the sauerkraut with onions and black pepper. Serve with pieces of any non-greasy fish

Dinner: clean two large potatoes, then dress them and salt them. Add one egg, mix and bake on vegetable oil.

Serve with sauerkraut and young onions.

Fourth day

Breakfast: cut in half one bran, and then each half moisten with sweet mustard. Put one piece of non-fat cheese and young onions on top.

Lunch: 200 grams of non-fat beef bake with sweet pepper and serve with stewed sauerkraut.

Dinner: Take three tomatoes, then cut their tops and remove the soft part with a spoon. Cut the piece and mix it with 100 g of sauerkraut. Cut into strips 100 g ham and mix it with a slice of tomato and cabbage. Fill the tomatoes with the mixture.