If You Do This Three Consecutive Nights, It Will Help You To Disappear Spots, Dark Circles And No More Aging Signs On Your Face

Our skin is extremely delicate, because it is exposed to all kinds of external factors that little by little damage us, whether in the short, medium or long term. There are many natural remedies that can undoubtedly help us fight from the uncomfortable circles under the slightest sign of aging, among them, recipes with potatoes . You will only need to use one of these methods for 3 consecutive nights .

Simple night tricks to eliminate the imperfections of your face, not more aging signs

Lemon juice with potatoes
Fatigue can play a trick on our face and the rest of us, leaving it dull and totally dry . Fortunately there is an effective remedy to counteract this horrible dermal result, you only need to grate the pulp of a potato and mix the juice of a lemon , then apply the result on your face like a mask and let it act all night .

Sliced potato
The main elements to perform a deep facial cleansing are potassium , calcium and vitamin C and all these are present in the potatoes. In case you have too much acne and black spots on your skin, ideally you place several slices of potatoes all over your face and let them rest throughout the night .

Try to repeat this treatment not only until the facial imperfections have disappeared, but until a little longer so that they do not reappear .

Very thin sliced potatoes and no more aging signs on your face

The skin tends to age over the years, however, there are many cases in which there is a degree of premature aging and that is not good. It may be due to sun exposure , stress or poor care of the dermis. Fortunately, all that is needed is to cover the face of sliced potatoes as if it were a mask, wait for them to dry and then remove them with plenty of water. The treatment must be followed for 3 weeks or a month , everything depends on the positive evolution of the skin

Potatoes, apple cider vinegar and cucumber
Cutaneous spots are becoming more and more common by different aspects, but today we are going to provide you with a special recipe in which you should grate a cucumber , a potato and combine the scratches with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar . Smear the mask on your face and let it rest for 30 minutes. After the lapse, wash your face and go.

Crushed potato
Dark circles can be one of the worst facial imperfections, because they are difficult to heal and camouflage. Now, if you use natural remedies, the martyrdom will end as soon as possible. Take a potato, crush it very well and place the result just in the dark circles, leaving the remedy to stand overnight until the next morning.