It’s Amazing How These Microorganisms Can Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that you need to have thousands of microorganisms living inside your intestines so that they work well? I know that when you listen to this, you only think of horrible parasites and bacteria that make you sick, but the microogranisms that I want to talk about today, and that you must have inside your tummy are very beneficial for your digestion and your health.

I refer to probiotics, which are microorganisms that are part of your intestinal flora and that help your body absorb better nutrients from the food you eat.

These improve your digestion, eliminating bad bacteria to get rid of many diseases. Recently it was discovered that 80% of all your immune system is in your digestive system, that’s why it is so important to choose what you eat and drink well.

And that’s not all, the best thing about probiotics is that they can also help you lose weight. It has been proven that certain types of these microorganisms can inhibit the absorption of dietary fat, increasing the amount of it that you eliminate among the waste.

If you manage to have them in the required amounts, probiotics act as cleansers of your intestine, making you get less calories from the food you eat.

In addition, a healthy intestine has always been linked to a thin body …

The problem begins when these microorganisms are reducing their number, and their capacities to improve your digestion are also decreasing. This may be due to:

-The use of antibiotics
-Use of a lot of antibacterial soap
-Excessive use of cleaning chemicals
-Consumption of processed and refined foods
-Consumption of sugars and excess of starches
-Any source of stress in the body

But do not worry, the number of probiotics can be increased with some foods:


Maybe it is the best known source of probiotics. Many commercials talk about its benefits, and I love it. Greek yogurt and unpasteurized yogurt can be classified at the top of probiotic foods. These improve your digestion and keep you full.

They are also a good source of protein and calcium.

To find the best one, make sure that there are only milk and lactic cultures in its ingredients, no sugars.


Like yogurt, this fermented milk product is a unique combination of milk and fermented grains. It has a slightly acid taste and contains between 10 and 34 strains of probiotics. Although kefir is similar to yogurt, because it is fermented with yeast and more bacteria, it is higher in probiotics.


It is a millenary fermentation of black tea that starts with the use of a SCOBY, which is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts.

Many claims have been made about kombucha, but its main health benefits include digestive support, increased energy and liver detoxification also helps to lose weight.

Coconut kefir

Made by fermenting young coconut juice with kefir grains, this dairy-free option has some of the same probiotics as traditional kefir, but it is usually not that high in probiotics. However, it has several strains that are beneficial for your health. If you are not a big fan of dairy, then this is your ideal probiotic drink.

Apple cider vinegar

It is one of my favorite ingredients, because in addition to accelerating your metabolism, it helps regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and accelerates weight loss. And it’s on this list because of course it contains a high level of probiotics. Make sure you choose an organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.


These popular fermented snacks are also an unrecognized source of probiotics. When buying them, choose a smaller food manufacturer that uses organic products without sodium.


It has been a fermented beverage common in Eastern Europe since ancient times. Traditionally it was made by fermenting rye or barley, but in more recent years it has been prepared using beet and fruit along with other root vegetables such as carrots. The Kvass uses probiotics lactobacilli and is known for its ability to cleanse the blood and liver. It has a mild bitter taste.

Now that you know the best sources of probiotics that will help you to be well inside and out, I want to remind you that it is also very important to add vegetables, protein, good fats, and many beneficial ingredients necessary to keep you healthy and support your food plan.