Remove Your Dark Circles And Eye Bags Almost Instantly

So many people have dark circles under their eyes, and they can’t remove them, also over time they become huge eye bags. Here are some remedies on how to remove them, but firstly how are they formed.

Why they occur

Doctors claim that several factors cause the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

In some people, the dark circles are formed because the skin around the eyes is too thin and tender, so blood vessels are visible.  Also in some cases, the skin is darker because of kidney problems, heart diseases, or endocrine system diseases (thyroid problems) when only the doctor can prescribe therapy. In other cases, dark circles under the eyes occur as a result of a disorder of the bloodstream in the blood vessels under the eyes. Most often, the reason is banal, and it is not enough sleep.

We all want to carry out as many obligations over the day, and it seems that the day and night are shorter. In the end, we shorten our sleep, which is in no way good because the lack of rest makes the blood go to the eyes, where the skin is thinner. Consequently, it causes the appearance of the so-called bags under the eyes. Not only doctors but also cosmeticians recommend sleeping at least seven to eight hours a day, on a pillow with a slightly raised head. This will prevent the flow of excessive fluid in the face, which results in the appearance of bags and dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles also appear after stress, psychic tension, and often it is a sign that the body is not sufficiently supplied with vitamin A, beta-carotene, then vitamin C, K, as well as unhealthy lifestyle.

(No)Adequate Face Creams

Sometimes the dark circles appear due to unprofessional and wrong use of makeup and hygienic means. Firstly, the makeup must be removed from the face before bedtime. Secondly, it is necessary to use a night cream at night because it has a significant role to preserve the young and healthy look. For example, some women, day and night put on the face the same cream, hoping that it will help the skin to look better and be smoother.

Unfortunately, the effect is often the opposite. Oily creams clog the skin of the face, and do not give a normal breath and generally prevent the flow of oxygen. Especially don’t apply oily creams before going to bed.

As a consequence, excess fluid accumulates under the skin, increases the load on the blood vessels and dark circles appear under the eyes.

Tip Plus: Night cream should be applied to the skin for at least 20 minutes before going to bed, and then clear the skin with a paper napkin to remove any excess oil. It is even better to use special creams and capsules that you can buy at the pharmacy.


Three things are key: you should laugh more, sleep well and eat properly. Fresh fruits and vegetables help to get rid of bags under the eyes and unwanted dark circles. They are good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Here are some recommendations from experts:

An excellent result gives a mask of previously cut in very small pieces parsley or mint leaves. Take a handful of leaves, cut them fine and put them on the eyes, and then cover your eyes with a gauze. After 15 minutes, wash the mask with cold water.

Good mix of almond oil and honey, which should be placed every night before going to bed in the area of the dark circles. You will notice a great improvement in two or three weeks.

Tea bags are a recognized tool in the fight with dark circles under the eyes. For this, it is necessary to cool the used tea bags (the best are from green tea) in the fridge and put one on each lid for 10-15 minutes.