Don’t Throw Away The Watermelon Rind. Make These Rejuvenating Remedies

It contains antioxidants that contribute to the recovery, strengthening, and rejuvenation of the body. It is therefore not only suitable for treatment, but also for cosmetics.

A headache

Place a watermelon rind on the sides of the forehead and the forehead (it is desirable to fasten it with a bandage or with a scarf). As soon as it starts to heat up, replace it with a new one until the pain stops.


Cut the upper green layer from the watermelon rind. Grind the soft white piece finely or cut it and dry it in the oven at a minimum temperature, until it is semi-dry. Then dry it on paper at room temperature. Mix a spoonful of the dried rind with a spoon of honey, eat it and drink it with water. Do this three times a day, until the condition is improved.

Eliminating of salts from the body

For this recipe, you will need the green part of the watermelon rind. When you dry it, grind it into powder. Sprinkle one tablespoon of the powder with a glass of boiling water. After one hour, drain it and drink a quarter cup three or four times a day after meals for at least a week and then another seven days a half cup three or four times a day.

Rejuvenating face mask

Peel the upper rind of watermelon without the top layer (the outer green part) grind it, mix it with sour cream by making a mixture with dense consistency and add a spoonful of honey. Apply on the face, neck, and area of the décolleté for half an hour. Then wash it with warm water, then apply a light cream. Put this mask once or twice a week

Contradictions for intensive wintering

diabetes, obesity, diarrhea, stone in the gallbladder, inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines, allergy