The Anemia Will Disappear And You Will Have Skin Without Large Pores Using Quince

The quince is in the form of an apple or pear, is incorrectly humpy, with a golden-yellow color and covered with hairs that are very easily removed. It grows in places where the grapes grow, as well as on the stony areas in the coastal areas and on the edges of the forests.

Chemical composition:

The fruits of the quince contain up to 10 percent sugar, about 1.8 percent pectin, up to 1 percent acid, about 0.6 percent of the solubility substances, essential oil, many vitamin C and mineral substances. For the treatment, the fruit, leaves, and seeds are used.

Medicinal properties:

This fruit is a great remedy for treating anemia. The mixture that is prepared from the seeds of the quince is used for the treatment of the wounds caused by the long-term decubitus. And the treatment of burns. It is used for the preparation of coatings in case of inflammation of the eyes. And open cracked skin, especially the nipples. Also, the mask and quince tea coating greatly help with the removing of larger pores. This fruit is a very convenient remedy for treating mucous membranes from the gut, tonsils, and airways.

The seeds of the fruit will help against a cough because it contains many glucosides and substances for tanning. When you have inflammation of the gastrointestinal and intestinal mucosa, boiled quince is recommended. Because the quince has the capacity to tighten, it is recommended to treat wounds, and internally to relieve intense diarrhea.