The Danger You Never Knew About Onion

Beware of the Onion because although it is prodigious, if you do not take the appropriate measures you can get sick. The onion can be a magnet of bacteria when we can not know how to use it, we will share a story that happened in 1919, where it shows how was the cause of the deaths in this epidemic.

The Danger You Never Knew About Onion

In 1919, when the epidemic of influenza killed 40 million people in the world, there was a doctor in the US who visited many farmers to help them as much as possible.

Many contracted the disease and died. But this doctor came to one of their homes and to his surprise, the whole family was healthy. The doctor’s explanation was that the wife had placed unpeeled onions in different rooms of the house.

The doctor could not believe what he was hearing and asked to see one of the onions to check it under the microscope. In fact, he discovered that the influenza virus was attached to the onion, had absorbed it and with it the family had been saved.

There are many similar stories, one of them, the owner of a beauty salon who placed several bowls with onions around your business. Neither the employees nor the clients got sick. It would be interesting to do the test the next time an epidemic arises or there is simply a contagion due to seasonal flu.

Another person talked about his personal experience of having contracted pneumonia and his condition was serious. This woman learned of a case in which someone cut the two ends of an onion and put it in a large jar. Then, he placed the bottle near the patient during the night. The next morning the onion was black, covered with germs.

The onion was almost rotten and the patient had improved.

It is a true fact that having placed onions and garlic inside the rooms saved the lives of many people during the great plague in Europe years ago. These vegetables have powerful bactericidal and antiseptic properties and this has been part of popular wisdom.

An interesting fact: sometimes we have stomach problems, and we do not know what to attribute them to. Perhaps the culprits are the onions since they absorb bacteria and that is why they are so good to avoid that we get a cold or flu, so we should not eat an onion that, after being cut, remained in the air in the kitchen . No section of a split onion should remain on the plate, it should be stored in a container or in a plastic bag and refrigerated.

The leftovers of the onion can be poisonous

During a visit to a mayonnaise manufacturer in the US the person telling the anecdote tells that the chemist informed them that the mayonnaise may be without refrigeration because the pH is arranged in such a way that the bacteria do not survive being uncooled; and then went on to say that what happens sometimes when people bring a potato salad to the field day and then they get sick has nothing to do with the mayonnaise they used but with onions and potatoes.

He explained that onions are a great magnet for bacteria, especially raw onions. One should never keep a portion of split onion unless it is kept in a zip-lock bag and stored in the refrigerator.

In fact, it was already contaminated when splitting or slicing and you have to be very careful with those hotdogs that are bought in football or baseball games that have raw onions.

The chemist said that if you cook the leftover onions for a long time it will probably eliminate the harmful effects. But if leftover onion slices are used and used in a sandwich, you may be risking problems. Both the onions and the wet potato, the one used in a potato salad, will attract and generate bacteria faster than a commercial mayonnaise when it decomposes.

Attention: dogs should never eat onions. Your stomach can not metabolize them.
Remember that it is dangerous to cut an onion and try to use it the next day if it has not been stored perfectly. If it is left in the air in the kitchen during the night of insurance the next day it will already be full of bacteria that can cause stomach infections.
Onions contain high quality nutritional elements and the habit of eating raw onions is to be applauded. Those who eat it will always have an unbeatable circulation, among other benefits. ”

What can these bacteria cause?

You can generate strong adverse stomach infections. This is due to excess bile secretions and food poisoning. So be careful with this!