Try This 3-days Weight Loss Diet Based On Fruit Juices

Fruits, along with strawberry fruits and vegetables, take a special place in the diet as a source of vitamins, minerals, microelements, carbohydrates, organic acids and the like. Recommended norms for the use of fruits by one person for one year are: watermelons and melons 28 kg; fruits and walnuts 106 kg, in this sense apples 40 kg, sour cherries, plums, currants per 6 kg, grapes, wild strawberry fruits per 8 kg.

The use, that is, the practical application of fruits, is a convincing proof that it should be an integral part of every diet, regardless of its goals (lose or weight gain, the establishment of physical fitness after a certain illness, etc.).

We suggest you to “arm” with the fruit juices that you love and start the treatment, but also the strengthening of your organism with the help of very simple and, especially important, delicious diets.

This is the 3-days diet that will help you lose weight

First day

Breakfast: Boiled fish with green pea, egg, lemon juice (no sugar and diluted with water).

Second breakfast: Fresh apples or apple juice (or pear).

Lunch: Vegetable soup, boiled meat with carrots, carrot dried fruit or tangerine juice.

Snack: Apples, apple juice or oranges, rosehip tea.

Dinner: Strawberries with cheese or a piece of fresh or condensed fruit. Dissolved and unsweetened tea.

Second day

Breakfast: Vegetable salad, coffee with milk, toasted bread, orange juice.

Second breakfast: eggplant.

Lunch: a meal of stuffed vegetables, boiled chicken with vegetable additive, lemon, apple and banana (can be prepared from other juices according to taste).

Snack: Lean cheese, pomegranate juice.

Dinner: Boiled meat, beetroot, green pea. Orange or apple. Before sleeping kefir.

Third day

Breakfast: Boiled meat, vegetable salad, milk cocktail with orange juice or grapefruit

Second breakfast: 1 cup of apple juice.

Lunch: Vegetarian dough soup, meatball with simmered cabbage, coffee.

Snack: Lean cheese, rosehip tea or pomegranate juice.

Dinner: Boiled fish, cabbage. Before sleeping kefir or yogurt.

All the vegetables listed should be used in a moderate amount, and the general caloric intake of the daily diet should be less than your usual caloric intake.

The juices cannot be excluded from those who suffer from excess pounds. However, apart from the juices, we advise you to pay attention to foods rich in protein (meat dishes) and carbohydrates (sweet, fresh fruit).