5 exercises for tight hands and chest

Besides the flat stomach and the tight bottom, when we begin to take off the clothes during the warmer days, it is important to have shaped hands and tight breasts. The good news is that there is a way to achieve this at home.

For these exercises you do not need special equipment and you can run them anywhere. See how you can easily achieve the desired goal.

1. Stretching the hands

With this movement you will warm the body. It helps to adjust the posture and strengthen the back.

Stand upright and bend your head slightly back. Start stretching your arms as if trying to catch something high.

2. Mowing away

Exercise helps to strengthen the back and neck, and also relaxes the muscles.

To do this, put your legs on the shoulder width and bend the torso forward. Your back should be parallel to the floor.

Relax your hands, then start swinging them to the left and right while stepping back. Your head should move along with your hands.

3. Poster Cobra

This position of yoga strengthens the upper body. Although it is difficult for beginners to make it difficult, practice is made easier.

Lie on your stomach by placing your hands on the side of your body. Then lift the upper part and the head from the floor. You should not distract the legs.

4. Exercise with a tennis ball

It is extremely important for tightening the chest muscles.

Stand in an upright position and put your legs on the shoulder width. Take a tennis ball and place it between your palms at the level of the shoulders.

Squeeze your arms against each other, holding the ball, then release your arms. Keep your elbows tight.

5. Exercise with books

With these movements you will tighten the muscles of the back and chest.

While in the upright position, stretch your arms forward until the palms are facing upwards. Take a thicker book in each hand to use as a dumbbell.

Extend your hands on both sides of the body, then return them in front of it.

In the first 10 days repeat the exercises 20 times, then you can reduce to 10 repetitions.