Habits To Get a Smooth and Pretty Skin

Most of us spend a lot of the free time taking care of the skin and not every time we do this is efficient and beneficial, nor are the products we use.

Today we present to you simple and economical habits to get pretty skin that you will love, so pay close attention until the end. Do you want to know more? Stay until the end

How to get beautiful skin with these habits

Healthy eating: Who says that it is enough to lose weight to make cellulite disappear is lying. To combat cellulite, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet. The diet should include:

-Proteins (meats, vegetables and nuts)
-Lecithin (eggs, tomatoes, spinach and soy)
-Fatty acids (fish, olive oil, avocado and nuts)
-Fruits and vegetables that burn fat (grapefruit)

Water: The healthiest drink is purified water. Nutritionists recommend drinking two liters of water a day without drinking water present in tea, coffee and other beverages.

Exercise: If you consume more calories than can happen, it is inevitable that your weight increases, also affecting your skin. Exercising is a way to burn calories and have a toned body.

If this is your goal, instead of opting for weight training, doing squats, jumping rope, running, and other aerobic exercises.

Massage: Both ‘self-massage’ with brushes and special suction cups, such as professional massage are equally effective. In special salons, massage is performed with instruments that destroy accumulate layers of fat under the skin.

Even more efficient is massage with special oils, which penetrate the skin to burn fat and eliminate accumulated lymph.

Exfoliating: Anti-cellulite creams do not always bring the desired effects, but exfoliants remove the dead skin layer, improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolic processes:

-The scrub with ground coffee leaves the skin firmer and softer, making cellulite less visible.

-Exfoliating with sea salt removes cellulite excess moisture.

Contrast shower : The contrast shower improves blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. The pressure of the water causes the lymph to intensely purify the skin and the subcutaneous layers.

Direct a stream of water in the areas with more problems leaving a space of 10 cm between the shower and the skin. Also, do a circular massage on the buttocks. On the legs, massage from top to bottom and from side to side.