Native American Tea Cures Cancer. Kept Secret for Over 100 years!

A basic modest four herb tea that fixes tumor? Indeed, even AIDS possibly? This has been a basic worry since Essiac tea was presented in Canada amid the mid 1920’s. For more than 50 years, a modest medical caretaker utilized the tea effectively with numerous terminal growth patients from her center in the modest Canadian town of Bracebridge, north of Toronto.

At to start with, she acknowledged whatever anybody could without much of a stretch manage, even eggs and deliver, for her administrations. She turned nobody down. After 1937, she charged no expenses! She didn’t profit off the tea however she effectively treated a large number. Her prizes were provocation by the Canadian Health Ministry, and treachery by a private partnership she had trusted would help make Essiac tea a lawful growth fix.

Despite the fact that the name of the tea, Essiac, was gotten from spelling Rene’s surname Caisse in reverse, she was not the first formulator. The fixings and formula came initially from an Ojibway Native American drug man in remote northern Canada.

Essiac’s Origin

Rene Caisse was a RN in a Canadian healing center in 1922 when she happened upon an elderly patient who had survived bosom growth 30 years sooner. Around then, the lady was living in remote northern Canadian mining camp with her significant other. She was admitted to a healing facility for bosom malignancy and disclosed to her bosoms would need to be evacuated.

She ruled against medical procedure and returned to the mining camp. In the camp region, she had prior happened upon an Ojibway pharmaceutical man who guaranteed he could fix her malignancy. Upon her arrival, he demonstrated her which herbs to utilize, how to pick and culture them, and how to set up the tea. She took after his directions and inside a while was totally restored. She lived healthy for an additional 30 years.

Since Rene had an auntie and step father with disease at the time, she was keen on the herbs and how to set up the tea. With the goal that elderly lady passed on the Ojbway drug’s fixings and formula to nurture Caisse, who thus treated her tumor stricken relatives. With respect to stepfather: “It took some time, said Rene, however in the long run he was restored.”

From that point, she proceeded with so much achievement that in 1933 the residential area of Bracebridge enabled her to utilize the old British Lion Hotel as a facility for practically no lease, one dollar for every month. She proceeded with her work in the facility from 1934 to 1942. Many Cancer patients were dealt with effectively, while she charged close to nothing or nothing. She developed the herbs, prepared the tea in the kitchen, and regulated it both orally and by infusion.

Obviously, amid that time and after, Rene Caisse was the focal point of discussion and provocation from Canadian specialists. She has expressed that the main reason she was not detained was a direct result of prominent help from Bracebridge’s Town Council, a few renowned specialists, and obviously her numerous restored patients. One of whom was restored of both malignancy and diabetes.

The diabetes fix shocked even Rene! Because of this help, from 1937 on, Nurse Caisse was allowed to treat disease under the strict states of 1) treating just critically ill patients, 2) utilizing a built up therapeutic specialist for visualization and determination, and 3) not tolerating any charges for her administrations. She consented to those terms and proceeded.

As to more than 50 long periods of provocation, Rene regretted, “I never longed for the resistance and the mistreatment that would be my part in endeavoring to assist enduring mankind with no idea of individual pick up.”

Essiac Makes It’s Way to the USA

In spite of such a significant number of effectively treated disease patients’ declarations, the overall population was kept oblivious about Essiac Tea. Caisse endeavored to get the Essiac out into general society light in 1977, multi year before her passing. She made an arrangement with an organization called Resperin, whom she thought had the clout to sanction her Essiac tea. Be that as it may, Caisse was told she was never again required after the assention.

Resperin was very the pocket of the Canadian government and restorative experts. With the goal that task vaporized, and the recipe appeared to be bound to lack of clarity. At that point along came a fruitful California chiropractor who had practical experience in treating world class competitors of numerous types, Dr. Gary Glum. He had caught wind of Essiac’s mending characteristics and began his look for the equation and formula.

He in the long run happened upon somebody in Detroit, who stays unknown, who was restored with Essiac of what was analyzed as hopeless cervical growth. She had the first recipe, and Gary got it from her. At that point Gary went to Canada to talk with Mary McPhearson, a nearby close companion and colleague to Nurse Caisse before Rene passed on in 1978.

There Dr. Sullen additionally affirmed the genuineness of the equation he had obtained, and revealed enough data about Rene Caisse and her work to start composing his book, Calling of an Angel. In that book, Dr. Gloomy recounted the account of Rene Caisse, and he advised how and where to get the equation, which since has been scattered everywhere throughout the western world.

Gary Glum needed to independently publish the book since it was so undermining to the disease business, and there was the risk of pummel dunk wrongful passing claims on distributers since Essiac was not FDA endorsed. So nobody would hazard distributing it. That book and his second, Full Disclosure, which uncovers the genuine wellspring of AIDS as man made and the elimination plan, place Glum in mischief’s way for quite a while.

He was bothered by US Marshals and totally monetarily demolished by fake IRS claims, and a Naval Intelligence agent later debilitated his life and the lives of his family on the off chance that he kept distributing his two books. Just a couple of Gary’s books are as yet accessible, however there are condensed pdf forms accessible free on line.

This is what Dr. Morose needed to say in regards to Essiac for AIDS in a meeting around 1990: “I likewise worked with the AIDS Project Los Angeles . . . . They had sent 179 patients home to bite the dust. They all had pneumocystis carinii and histoplasmosis. Their weight was down to around 100 pounds. Their T-4 cell tallies were under ten.”

“The Project gave me five of these patients. I took them off the AZT and the DDI and put them on Essiac three times each day. Those are the main ones alive today. The other 174 are dead. Be that as it may, this data isn’t being dispersed either, in light of the fact that AIDS is not too far off as another huge moneymaker.

Dr. Melancholy likewise had accomplishment with a couple of growth patients that came his direction. For instance, he was included with treating one young man with a harmful type of terminal leukemia. The kid recuperated totally with Essiac Tea, just amazing from heart disappointment. The harm to his heart that caused the disappointment was followed to his before chemotherapy medications!

While investigating for his book, Gary Glum went over Dr. Charles A. Brusch, who was an individual doctor for the late President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Brusch additionally ran a tumor facility in Boston, MA. He had Rene Caise work there with him from 1959 to 1962. Dr. Brusch treated the two his own malignancy and Ted Kennedy’s child’s hopeless tumor effectively with Essiac. Lamentably, he was hit with a muffle request and advised to stay silent or end up in jail for whatever is left of his life.

Obviously, Dr. Charles Brusch stayed quiet openly. In any case, Dr. Sad, in his book Calling of an Angel, had this statement from Dr. Brusch, “The outcomes we got with a huge number of patients of different races, genders and ages, with a wide range of growth, unquestionably end up being a solution for tumor. All examinations done in four research centers in the United States and one more in Canada invigorate this claim.”

Promptly after Rene Caisse’s demise, experts stripped her home and consumed Nurse Caisse’s records. Be that as it may, her companion Mary McPherson had spared a few, and a progression of personal articles by Nurse Caisse had turned out to be open record. The couple of conscious of the treatment’s fixings and convention stayed under the radar to maintain a strategic distance from provocation.

Be that as it may, on account of Dr. Morose’s investigative news-casting, the mystery is out, but among the scattered few, and without the admonitions that ought to be known generally among those scattered few. To begin with the fixings, at that point the provisos.

Essiac Ingredients

In spite of the improvement of 6 and 8 herb Essiac teas as of late, the 4 herb rendition stays as a staple. It has a demonstrated record of relieved patients since the late 1920’s. Fermenting your own particular Essiac tea is supported by most after requesting the herbs, which are now and again bundled separately, or pre-blended into one sack.

* 6 1/2 measures of burdock root (cut)

* 1 pound of sheep roan herb (powdered)

* 1/4 pound of dangerous elm bark (powdered)

* 1 ounce of Turkish rhubarb root (powdered)

These measures of fixings join to make 8 quarts or 2 gallons of the tea. Slicing each sum down the middle makes one gallon at any given moment. A few directions say to blend every one of the fixings a long time before putting them in water, store the dry home grown blend in a glass jolt in a dull dry place, and take out one ounce for each 32 ounces of water (one quart) at once.

Which ever way you wish to parse it out, the herbs are bubbled hard without a top for 10 minutes, some say 20; at that point, cover with a top and soak over night on the stove. Toward the beginning of the day, warm it up to steaming hot (not bubbling), at that point let it settle and fill glass or clay compartments. Utilize tempered steel or cast press pots for bubbling, and glass or earthenware holders for putting away. Keep the compartments or holder with the tea topped in a dull cool place until the point when initially utilized. In the wake of opening, it must be refrigerated.