Never Throw Away The Garlic Skins, Make These Amazing Remedies

Do you know that the Russians never throw the garlic skins? They are collected and stored, and there are many reasons for this. It has been proven that the preparations on its basis are the most powerful remedies of rejuvenation. In addition, they help in the event of problems with the cardiovascular system, bladder, and kidneys. They are also used to clean the organism from toxins.

The Russians use the skins of garlic to stay in good shape, improve circulation and cleanse the body. Check out why it’s the most magical asset!

Cleansing the body

One teaspoon ground skin of garlic pour over with boiled water. Hold the water vapor liquid for ten-fifteen minutes. Cool and drain it. Take one spoon three times a day for a month. Then pause for ten days and repeat treatment twice.

For rejuvenation

Pour three handfuls of garlic skins with three cups boiling water (but not while boiling!). Let it stand overnight, then drain it. Drink two or three glasses a day for a month or two.

According to recommendations, women should drink the mixture in the second half of the month, and men in the first.

Prevention of colds and flu

Place a handful of skins of garlic on a hotly heated pan and inhale the resulting smoke. Repeat the procedure daily for a week.

To strengthen your immune system, eat a bit (top of the knife) of powdered skins (you can grind them in a coffee grinder).

Urgent help in case of diarrhea

Grind the garlic skins in a coffee grinder and then take a spoon of the resulting powder in one go. Do it only for a day or two.


Garlic cannot be used to prevent diarrhea because it can cause constipation.

For inhalation

Take garlic skins from two cloves of garlic and put them in two cups of water and boil them. When it boils, cook for another five minutes. Add to the hot boil a cleaned peel of one lemon and inhale for 20 minutes (cover your head with a cloth).


Children up to twelve years; pregnancy; diabetes; disorders in the processes of exchange of substances in the body; diseases of the thyroid gland and intestines; ulcer and twelve-inch intestine ulcer; hypotonia (low blood pressure in the arteries).

Confession: a remedy for reducing breathing

This is a proven folk remedy that normalizes your breath. You can do this in the following way: mix half a liter of honey with five lemon juice and a slice of five cloves of garlic grind in a meat grinder. Allow the mixture to stand for one week in a closed jar. Take once a day for four teaspoons, dip slowly, without rush. This amount is sufficient for approximately one month of treatment. In the book, I found this recipe, the mixture of garlic and honey strengthens the cardiovascular system, which means that the puffiness gradually disappears.