The Natural Painkiller Works The Same As Morphine And Can Be Found In Your Backyard!

The best medicines are found in nature, in fact, the worst drugs are only obtained after processing the plants in different ways and they can work as natural painkiller .
This has been done with many substances that can be from anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, among others. The same has been done with plants specialized in soothing pain.

In fact, this way we are going to talk to you about a plant that you may have in your house and you have not yet realized all the probabilities you have of using it for your benefit. Know all the benefits of this plant that is analgesic that you may have in your garden.

Lactuca virosa or what is commonly known as wild lettuce. It is an effective analgesic found throughout England and North America.


As a sedative, it has been shown to be able to treat insomnia and relax the body, and calm anxiety.

Calms the nervous system, and relaxes the muscles, so it is especially useful in the case of:

-Indigestion induced by stress
-Spasms and cramps

On the other hand, it also very effectively relieves muscle pain, menstrual cramps, as well as other irritated tissues.

It also provides numbing effects, because it is also known as opium lettuce, but it is not addictive or harmful.

Wild lettuce can also be used as a natural antiseptic. To use its medicinal effects, you must use its dried leaves, plucked in July and August. If you can not find dried leaves, you can also use supplements.


It is advisable to use dried leaves to obtain the medicinal benefits. These leaves should be plucked in July and August when they are at their best to harvest. You can also find supplements and dried versions of the herb if you do not find it in your backyard.

It should be avoided in the case of:

-Allergy to ambrosia and similar plants
-If you are preparing for surgery
-In pregnancy
-If you have glaucoma
-Enlargement of the prostate.

Whenever possible, you should resort to natural remedies to treat your health problems, as a safe and effective method to improve Your health. Commercial analgesics cause numerous side effects, and are highly addictive, leading to an increased risk of overdose.

In addition, many drugs, including opiates, are related to memory loss, as they cause brain damage in the fight to calm the pain.

The prolonged use of analgesics can cause you the risk of suffering from ulcers. On the other hand, you must deal with natural remedies or acupuncture to treat pain.