They Call It The Mighty One, Because It Has 42 Times More Antioxidant Power Than 1 Apple

Oregano is a fascinating herb, both for use in the kitchen and for its therapeutic use, as needed. Its name means “the joy of the mountain” and oregano was revered as a symbol of happiness by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Oregano contains vitamins A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K, as well as fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, calcium, and potassium . It contains powerful phytochemicals that offer potential health benefits.

Oregano is an excellent antioxidant to strengthen the immune system , thanks to an active agent that possesses oregano, rosmarinic acid

Which is a powerful antioxidant that could strengthen the health of our immune system. A very interesting fact, is that oregano has one of the highest rates of antioxidants, has 12 kisses more antioxidant power than oranges and 42 times more antioxidant power than apples.

Antioxidants are chemical compounds that help the body counteract the negative effects of free radicals, which are responsible for cancer, premature aging, damage to the skin, among other ailments.

Carvacol and thymol, two phytochemicals present in oregano, are powerful anti-microbial. Research has shown that oregano’s essential oil could kill food-borne pathogens such as listeria, and super-bacteria.

Oregano contains beta-caryophilin, a substance that inhibits inflammation and is also extremely beneficial in treating diseases such as osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis, as well as the metabolic syndrome.

Oregano has a powerful anti-viral activity and it was found that an aerosol containing aromatic essential oils of five plants , including oregano, significantly relieves symptoms “immediately” in people with upper respiratory tract infections.

If you get the flu or cold, oregano oil can be quite useful. Generally, the higher the concentration of carvacol, the more effective it will be. Curiously, oregano promotes the production of sweat as a detoxification mode and ingesting it could help the organism eliminate unwanted phlegm from the lungs.

According to an investigation of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Autonomous University of Querétaro, oregano oil helps reduce or eliminate certain strains of gastrointestinal parasites and their symptoms, due to the action of substances such as antigiardia, cymene, thymol, others.

Although it has been proven that when taking oregano oil for six weeks to fight gastrointestinal parasites, it is important to consult the doctor who will indicate the appropriate dose and some side effect, or in which cases it is recommended not to take it.

Oregano is one of the herbs that has been studied for its healing and antibiotic properties. It is important not to abuse your consumption, so you can consume moderate amounts in salads, as well as seasoning meats and vegetables.

Oregano serves to prevent, prevent and counteract:

-The cold
-Muscle pains
-Intestinal parasites
-Repel insects
-Serves for acne
-For tooth pains
-Heart diseases, earaches, menstrual cramps, among other diseases.

Oregano is another true miracle of nature, so I invite you to consume oregano more quickly.