Two Days Rice Detox. Prepare It The Right Way

Many chronic diseases of osteochondrosis, arthritis, hypertension, hemorrhoids, sneezing, inflammation of the ovaries last for years, creating permanent impediments. Russian experts, believing that chronic diseases are caused by the accumulation of harmful substances and toxins in the body, recommend that the body is cleaned once every six months only with water, and sometimes with rice every.

This is how to rice detox

Take two jars (of half a liter), then put in each jar two tablespoons rice and pour water up to half a jar. After 24 hours, rinse the rice from the first jar with clean water and then boil it for five minutes. Feel free to eat it while it’s hot. After half an hour drink Russian tea without sugar. Four hours afterward, do not eat or drink. Eat lunch and dinner as usual. The next day, rinse the rice from the other jar and cook it and then eat it on an empty stomach. Do it for a month. You can repeat the rice detox treatment with rice every six months.